About ART, About LIFE

"About ART, About LIFE"

Oct 7 - 23, 2009

Reception: Oct 8, 5-8pm

Anne Kittrell Art Gallery

University of Arkansas

Union Bldg, 4th Floor

Fayetteville, AR



Pleading whispers
Bleeding in the night whispers
Never heard
And often refused
A helping hand

Blank faces
Tears filled wrinkled faces
Nameless people
On life-long missions
To a new world

Torned families
Crossing-the-border families
Wandering victims
Searching oppotunities
For a better life

Man-made borders
Egoistically guarded borders
Guarding the abundance over plenty
That no longer has worth
Once the soul is gone

Church of Ancient Salvation II

Peppered With Memories

Among the dreams
Settling on my pillow
After a melancholic night
Are the aromas and petals
Of this man's journey
Peppered with memories
Faces and voices
Of People I have met
And their influence
On my heart
On my soul
On my life

(Thank you for the dreams)

Aquarella II

On Monday She Remembered

The winds howled
But she never noticed
Sarah stared out the window
Would there ever be a summer
Like the summers when she was a child
Would the clouds above her head
Ever part
Would she know freedom, true freedom
From what she could not remember
She went for a walk in the park
But never left her home
Sarah spoke with relatives
Who had long been gone
And sometimes she laughed with them
But most of the times
She cried
Sarah couldn't remember why
But she remembered the summers
When she was a child
On Monday she remembered

(donate to the Alzheimer's Association, www.alz.org)

More Inspirations From Italy

"Serchio Valley"

"Imperial II"

"Alma Italiana"

Ghivizzano Charioscuro

Black and White Photographs of Ghivizzano, Italy

In The Shadows Of Duty


Your eyes saw what I couldn't see
And you described it for me

The rose and the thorns on the stem
The sky and the bluest a blue it is
The sun and how it brightens the day
The moon and how she outlines the night
The sea and her mighty waves
All creatures, great and small

I was caged by blindness
but you set me free

Blue Urn

More Botanical Art

"Shadow Dancing"

"Foxy Foxglove"


"A Delicate Beauty"

Black & White Portraits

Kelley Ponder
Opera Singer

Kevin Brockmeier

Kelly Reep
Public Relations

Patrick Lindsey