A Traveler's Postcard

Wish you were here
To see what I see

One hundred raindrops
basting under the morning sun
clinging to the evergreen
across the garden
a parade of aromas and colors
flowers in bloom
oh, beautiful flowers

The sky
a reflection of the sea
a blue I have never seen
bright as bright can be
yes, bright as bright can be

The wind
gently gathering the leaves
like a shepherd
rounding up his sheep
rounding beautiful woolly sheep

Wish you were here
to hear what I hear

From every window
sweet melodies of song birds
cascading songs of love birds
pure harmony
oh, pure harmony

The children
playing in the streets
their laughter
echoe in the wind
like a piano in a rainforest
a song lively and strong
yes, very lively

Wish you were here
to feel what I feel

A heart
happy and full of love
content but missing you so much
wishing you were by my side
wishing you were here