What is Art?

Several times I have been asked for my definition of art. I have often struggled to come up with a clever answer, but in the end, each individual will have his or her own meaning of art.

I believe art can encourage dialogue. Artists communicate with the world more passionately and truthfully through the work they create. I believe art can inspire and influence. Art lets the viewer experience what artists see, what they do, who they love, how they feel, and why they are. Art, and the process of creating it, can give confidence to an artist's spirit--a spirit that otherwise may be paper-thin and translucent.

I believe art heals. It breaks down stereotypes, encourages diversity, and stimulates the mind. It can bring calm to the tormented and joy to the disheartened.

I believe art can change the world. When nothing else matters, I am an artist because I want to make changes to this world, too.